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carielewyn starburst
is 0 degrees an acute angle?

is it a straight angle?

is it even an angle at all?

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0 degrees, I assume this goes for radians as well, is a straight line. If two lines have zero degrees of difference than they are defined by the same linear equation. Because I line runs in two directions, it can also be viewed as being a 180 degree line. If they are rays (only traveling in one direction, then the directions must be stated to determine whether or not it is 0 or 180. If they just say zero and it isn't a line or line segment, then assume they mean a ray in the same direction as the base. Why does it matter?

it matters cuz my son and i dissect things to death :)

i mean like a full rotation is a name they give an "angle" even though it just looks like one ray but technically it's 2

so what's the label for the opposite of that? like when it starts out a rotation but isn't at any angle yet?

everywhere i look it says that an acute angle is "less than a right angle" well, -34 is less than 90 so is that an acute angle? is zero?

and, no, i haven't even told him about radians yet.

And you told me not to over analyze everything. Generally, I ponder math when I am sitting on the toilet. Really, I finally understood the point of limits, differentiation, and integration while in the bathroom. It was so noisy during finals last year that I studied for part of my last math exam in the bathroom.

If it hasn't started the rotation yet, it is still the same line, and "full rotation" or other phrases are simply a matter of perspective anyway. -34 degrees is acute in the fourth quadrent, if you are reading the graph in a clockwise direction. In my experience, though, I have only heard of "acute" and "obtuse" angle when we are talking about one side of a straight line as the base, and only concerning one side, like in basic geometry. The rest comes in Algebra 2 with radians and trig functions (sin, cosine, tangent...). The sin function is another thing that I learned on the crapper.

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