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carielewyn's Journal

Carie Lewyn
13 March 1978
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amazon.com, american history, anti-dairy, anti-meat, art, astronomy, autumn, beaches, being a mom, being true to oneself, body sprays, books, breathing, budgeting, carl sagan, cfls, chapsticks, chi, children, cleaning, cooking, creativity, cruises, decorating, douglas hofstadter, dragonflies, dreams, edgar allan poe, educational programming, einstein, enlightenment, experiencing, expression, flowers, freedom, french, fruit, galveston, geology, giving presents, good coffee, good friends, good movies, grammar, hand lotions, happiness, hdtv, health, herman melville, history shows, honesty, house, imagination, inspiration, iphone, kindle, laughing, learning, life, light, literature, love, lucid dreaming, meditation, mind-bending movies, minimalism, museums, music, my car, my higher self, my son, nature, nature photography, netflix, nutrition, oneness, open-mindedness, organization, passion, paulo coelho, peace, pens, philosophizing, philosophy, photoshop, playing guitar, plush sheep, positivity, psych, psychology, quantum leap, reading, reasoning, recycling, relaxation, science, scrapbooking, secular homeschooling, self-analysis, sevtrek, smiling, smoothies, solitude, soup, spirituality, spring, st:tng, stephen colbert, swimming, sytycd, tea, teaching, the big bang theory, the color blue, the color white, the future, the ocean, the universe, thinking, tom hanks movies, tom spanbauer, unlimited text messaging, unschooling, vegan cooking, vegan revolution, vegan support, veganism, vegetables, water, whole foods, wikipedia, wit, word art, world history, writing